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In the words of our founder

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Welcome to AMNIENS, we’re glad you’re here. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you briefly about how we came to be. Leaning into a feeling is really where AMNIENS began – taking time to listen to our intuition can, it turns out, lead to great things...

The idea started to take root in 2019, though back then it was little more than thoughts, fleeting conversations with friends, and rough sketches. I’d moved countries several times in the previous decade, from my native Denmark to London, then Paris, NYC and Milan. In 2020, I returned to Paris, and while I had enjoyed the nomadic life, I felt the need to reconnect with myself. I had to re-ground, to re-establish my foundations; it seemed like the perfect time to take the leap and delve further into AMNIENS.

At its core, AMNIENS exists to help encourage you to do the same, by reclaiming small but significant moments every day. Captivated by the duality of scent – its ability to be both functional and emotional – I knew this would be at the heart of everything we do.

Our scent profiles are designed to uplift and energise, and to bring calm and balance, depending on what you need. We have been drawn to working with experts at every stage, those who are passionate about their subject and keen to join us in doing things a little differently.

Beyond the scent, AMNIENS is just as much an exercise in creating a new form of business structure, one that is stakeholder led and considers its wider impact on the world. That is why we are working with 1% for the Planet, why our products are certified by The Vegan Society, and why we partner with technology companies like Provenance to power our sustainability claims.

I hope that AMNIENS will allow you to take time for yourself, and that in these moments you will find space to start creating the changes you would like to see in the world. We are starting small, but we have big ideas – we hope you’ll stay with us as AMNIENS, our community and our impact continues to grow.

Jonas Pescettini